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The Falklands - MiniWars #1


BBC - 20th Century Battlefields - 1982 Falklands Documentary 2017

BBC - 20th Century Battlefields - 1982 Falklands Documentary 2017 Covers the Falklands War from start to finish. Beginning with the invasion of the island, ...

The Falklands War: Every Day

See how the British were able to take back the Falkland Islands after an Argentinian invasion.

The Falklands War, 1982 - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

An overview of the political turmoil that went on in Britain in the lead up to the Falklands War in 1982: ...

Thatcher announces the Falklands invasion to the House of Commons

The Falklands War was fought in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom (UK) over the disputed Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South ...

Falklands War - Argentine Perspective - An Inevitable Defeat? (Guerra de las Malvinas)

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mhv The Falklands War (Guerra de las Malvinas) in 1982 as seen by many as an inevitable defeat for Argentina, but taking a ...

Why Do The UK And Argentina Hate Each Other?

Why Venezuela Hates The United States http://testu.be/1FjzsAt Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml For the past few centuries, relations between the United ...

Reaction from Argentina and the Falklands after former PM Margaret Thatcher dies

Port Stanley, Falkland Islands 1. Wide of Government House, Union flag flying at half mast 2. Close-up of flag flying at half mast 3. Low shot of flowers placed ...

Margaret Thatcher - Sink It!

Margaret Thatcher orders to sink ARA General Belgrano in the movie: The Iron Lady (2011). http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1007029/ British submarine HMS ...

The Falkland Islands

Recorded February 18, 2009. The Falkland Islands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean, located 300 miles from the coast of Argentina. They consist ...

2017 Brigadier Roderick Macdonald -“The Falklands War : A Thirty Five Year Perspective”-Full Length

Watch the full length version featuring Brigadier (Retd.) Roderick Macdonald MBE at the Marines' Memorial Club on 24 May 2017 as he discusses his specific ...

Gurkhas Thank Falkland Islands' Infant and Junior School

After the Infant and Junior School carried out some fundraising activities for the 'Nepal Appeal', they were visited by a group of Gurkhas who gave their thanks.

Falklands 25 - Finale \

Falklands 25. 25th Anniversary of the end of the conflict shown on BBC1 Sunday 17th June 2007.


Margaret Thatcher comes aboard, helicopter & Swordfish fly past. Captain M Middleton interviewed. Royal Marines THANKS TO BBC & ITV POOL NEWS.

Margaret Thatcher on Nationwide questioned over the Belgrano

24th May 1983 during the general election campaign, Margaret Thatcher appeared on Nationwide and was questioned by a voter, Diana Gould, on the sinking ...

Mount Harriet 1982 conflict items (Falkland Islands)

We found some razors left behind by Argentine troops along with some other small personal items.

Ascension Island Landing and Falklands Wartime Images

In November 2012, as a Falklands War vet, I was given the opportunity of returning to the Islands courtesy of The South Atlantic Medal Association 82, The ...

Prince Andrew interview in the Falklands

News clips of Prince Andrew being interviewed in the Falklands during the war there in 1982 where he served as a helicopter pilot. He is briefly shown speaking ...

Warfighting at Sea: What Has Changed Since the Falklands War of 1982

Rear Admiral Chris Parry and Arthur Herman discuss the nature of modern conflicts at sea and the Falklands War.

Joining the Falkland Island Association

Our website: www.fiassociation.com.

Guardians Of The South Atlantic: UK Forces In The Falklands | Forces TV

There are penguins on your doorstep, spectacular scenery, and, of course, a place that's rich in history. That's a good side of the unusual British forces posting to ...

Queen Elizabeth off to the Falklands War

The great liner Queen Elizabeth sailing off into the clouds of war on the Falkland islands.

Michael Foot Falkland Islands Speech - 1982

http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1982/apr/03/falkland-islands Michael Foot's speech in reply to Margaret Thatcher on the Falkland Islands House ...

Mike Chadwick - Falklands Veteran

Mike Chadwick talks to Steve Williams from Chorley Remembers about his time in the Royal Marines during the Falklands War in 1982.

Return of the Canberra from the Falkland Islands (1982) (ITN/ITV)

Live TV coverage (recorded at the end of the tape until it ran out) of the Canberra returning to Southampton from the Falkland Islands on 11 July 1982. Thanks ...

1892 Flat Earth Map Found In Boston Library The Falkland Island War Deception Island2


Falklands War | Studio Debate | 1982

Thames Televisions Llew Gardner and Denis Tuohy host a 'TV Eye' special about the escalating Falklands Crisis. First shown in 06/05/1982 Presenters: Denis ...

Life in the Falklands

Learn about life in the remote outpost of the Falklands, and meet the welcoming people of Stanley, its capital, and farmers living in outlying camps, as all ...

The Iron Lady - \


The Origins of the Falkland Islands

With no native population, how did people first discover and populate the islands? We look at the fist British in 1592 to 1774. FITV brings you the latest news and ...

Tommy Steele and Vera Lynn Falkland Island Tribute Finale

Tommy Steele and Vera Lynn stood singing together at the Finale of the Falkland Island Tribute Show. Includes host of old stars. Many thanks to Pat Richardson ...

David Cameron condemns Argentina over Falkland Islands

Prime Minister David Cameron accuses Argentina of \

Falkland Islands

For the latest news across Belize, visit: http://edition.channel5belize.com/ Mark Pollard - Trade and Industry and Employment, Training and Immigration and ...

Falkland Veterans Say Final Farewell to Lady Thatcher 17.04.13

The Falklands Campaign was seen as a defining moment in Lady Thatcher's career and she is held in high esteem by those who served in the South Atlantic.

Falklands 25 veterans parade 2007 London part 2


Falkland Islands Mystery

Beauchene Island, the southern most of the Falkland Islands. Aliens, Pyramids and Giant Statues are just a few of the sights you'll see on this tour... Thanks ...

Margaret Thatcher end of Falklands War

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher talks to press outside No 10 following announcement of Argentine surrender in Falklands conflict as crowds sing 'Rule ...


LAS Liner Queen Elizabeth 2 moored by dock (x 2) MS Helicopter pad over Swimming Pool MCU Welder working on Helicopter pad GV Soldiers and Army ...

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